The Distillerie du Sonneur is a farm in organic arboriculture

It includes two spaces: the orchards, in Ségrie, in the north of the department and the distillery, in Le Mans’s downtown.


We grow our five hectares of orchards in agroforestry and organic farming. We alternate rows of trees with plantations of aromatic plants and small fruits. This helps to limit the spread of diseases and promote biodiversity, with the search for a balance.

Thus, we find in the orchards pears of Giroufle, Thigh-Madame or Countess of Paris, apples, plums Queen-Claude, but also white raspberry or blackcurrant. For aromatic plants, we planted rosemary, Swiss mint, Sichuan pepper, juniper berries, elderflower … and many more! The diversity of the production allows us to then be able to make assemblages to use in different ways: pure, cocktail, but also in the kitchen.
The diversity of production allows us to make assemblages to use in different ways: pure, in cocktail, but also to cook with it.
Orchards are also an important point in local biodiversity. Behind our organic commitment there is also the desire to preserve the environment and the species that inhabit it.


The Yellow-bellied Toad (bell-ringer toad in french) is part of a protected species. The last settlements of Pays-de-la-Loire live near Ségrie, the town where are settled the orchards. This little toad of just 5 centimetres lives in shallow waters, such as ditches or ponds without fish. Our way of life and Man’s actions on nature have gradually destroyed their natural habitats. This is what motivated us to dig a conservatory pond, in partnership with the Normandy-Maine Park (bordering), the Bird Protection League and the Regional Conservatory of Natural Areas of Pays-de-la-Loire, and to work for its preservation. The name of the distillery was then all found: it would be the Ringer’s, which we hear, on occasion, the song echoing in the heart of the orchards.


The Distillerie du Sonneur is not settled next to trees. We chose to settle it in the heart of Le Mans, close to the Cité Plantagenêt. The desire to highlight a modern vision of agriculture, but also to enhance the link between the city and its countryside, motivated us to install our distillery on the Vert Galant street.

The distillery has its place in a building built in the early 20th century, within walls whose history lasts a little more than a distillation … Come and have the tour to find out more about the distillery’s history !

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